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Never Miss a Link

The most useful posts in our feeds tend to be links. Links to articles. Links to products. But how many relevant links are you missing just because you don't check your feed at the right time? Filter RSS collects them all and lets your browse at your leisure.

Read the Content Before the Commentary

Most links are prefaced by the poster's opinion of what you'll find on the other end. With Filter RSS, you can see the content first, and check what people are saying about it after you've made up your own mind. Read what other people are talking about, not what they're saying.

Can't I Do This With Zapier,, etc?

Yep! If you know what you're doing, go for it. Filter RSS is for people with this specific need and for whom the other tools are overkill or too complex.

The complexity involved when we first tried to use those services was enough of a barrier that we built Filter RSS.

Interested in Self-hosting Filter RSS?

The plan right now is to release a version of Filter RSS that you can host yourself, for free. If that's something you'd like to see happen, enter your email below.

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